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About the Position

The project manager is an "entrepreneur" for the duration of the project and is responsible for ensuring that all the project objectives agreed upon in writing with the business manager are achieved (individual project-specific project manager target agreement).
The project manager leads the project with all the authorizations and duties required tor ensuring a successful project. In a project-specific context, the project manager focuses on technical and process related aspects as well as customer contact.
The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the technical and business project objectives are achieved while the project core team implements the objectives. When tasks are delegated (internally or externally) responsibility remains with the project manager. He defines requirements regarding content, quality, deadlines, and costs. This also means that the project manager requests the principles of the project management methodology from the suppliers via purchasing (e.g. milestones, mandatory results and if necessary, reviews).
Subject to the contractual general conditions, the minimum scope of duties and responsibilities of the project manager, taking into account the principle of dual control, is as follows:

  • Act as project spokesperson vis-Ã -vis the customer and, if applicable consortia partners and business managers.
  • Draw up the required supplier contracts (consortia/customer financing contracts etc)
  • Carry out order income calculation (in collaboration with the bid manager)
  • Carry out project planning: structure and visualize the whole project task as individual sub-projects and work packages (core process tasks and cross-process tasks)
  • Adhere to the project management system
  • Assume responsibility for all commercial and legal aspects
  • Appoint the core team in collaboration with the business manager and define the sub-activities of the core team members, an external appointment must only be made in accordance with the applicable regulations and in cooperation with the group purchasing department. (Contractors)
  • Coordinate the project team
  • Carry out logistical project coordination (transportation. customs duties, taxes. licenses, etc.)
  • Carry out commercial project coordination (accounting, pursuing outstanding payments, insurances, supervising, project offices etc.
  • Maintain data in SAP and business planning on worldwide basis
  • Safeguard project financing
  • Prepare project audits and inspections
  • Carry out reporting (e.g. quarterly report, reviews before steering committee) and project internal controlling (performance progress, deadlines, costs, quality, risk and NCC-reports etc.) on the basis of the work
  • Initiate and review counter measures in the event of deviations from the plan (deadlines, costs, quality and resources)
  • Prepare, call and hold workshops, milestone meetings and quality gates under consideration of the task assignments
  • Prepare and hold project status meetings
  • Implement general measures on a project-specific basis, like contract management, claims management, risk management, change management, configuration management and requirement management.
  • Ensure effective communication within the project organization
  • Exchange experiences and information (including feedback from field data) and cross coordinate with parallel projects
  • Assume project specific responsibility for EH&S management
  • The business managers give all the authorizations necessary for fulfilling their tasks in accordance with their PM target agreements to the project managers (PM and CPM).
  • Signature authorization (e.g. project-specific p.p.) taking into consideration superior signature regulations.
  • Responsible budget management with regard to the approved costs and signature authorizations.
  • Right to be involved in selecting personnel (especially core team members).
  • Project-specific control responsibility for the core team members.
  • Involvement in appraising core team members as part of the staff dialogue.
  • Support for planning further training measures for core team members.

Desired Skills

  • Degree or diploma in mechanical engineering ( non negotiable )
  • 5 years project management experience within the power generation industry working with turbines ( non negotiable
  • Project Management qualification
  • Trade test ( mechanical ) with a minimum of 10 years project management experience

Desired Qualification Accreditation

  • Diploma

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