Senior Infrastructure Engineer

  • Permanent Senior position

  • Cape Town CBD, Western Cape

  • Undisclosed basic salary

  • Job 2123809

  • Posted 14 Jul 2017 by 101 Careers

About the Position

Technical Outputs:

  • General Responsibilities:
  • Design and implement solid infrastructure architectures from a network, server, and security perspective
  • Maintain and document company infrastructure
  • Liaise with any party in connection with infrastructure
  • Liaise with vendors and third parties and participate in contract negotiations
  • Ensure system quality, insight, and proficient architecture
  • Cloud Infrastructure:
  • Maintain and monitor all network, security and servers to meet the organisation's current requirements
  • Be proficient in with relevant technologies, e.g. Newrelic, 24x7, and Sciencelogic
  • Identify any shortcoming for monitoring and alerts raised by these systems, design alternatives and implement these
  • Be able to identify performance issues proactively, put forth alternatives, participate in the design and/ or acquisition of theses
  • Proficiency with AWS console for infrastructure management
  • Ability to configure and perform all required functions, e,g, provision and destroy any server or volume for any environment or availability group
  • Design and implement redundancy measures, e.g. Snapshots
  • Architect AWS security for access groups and lists and elastic IPs
  • Design, implement and report on AWS monitoring graphs and CloudWatch metrics
  • Actively manage, monitor and report AWS pricing for servers, volumes, and other services
  • Advise on AWS Ami or other configuration required to provision infrastructure services to customers
  • Present the appropriate storage option types, according to purpose and IOP requirement, bearing in mind the associated cost when advising consumers of their infrastructure requirements
  • Architect and implement proficient and secure connectivity between local domain and cloud
  • Architect and implement proficient and secure Virtual Private Cloud implementations of AWS and the
  • Virtual Private Network connectivity to resources in the cloud, e.g. VPN tunnelling
  • Perform infrastructure coordination and provisioning and setup activities for different stages of projects and retire any unused infrastructure and advise users on the best architectures and cost options available to meet their needs
  • Resolve any issues with current infrastructure and prepare status reports that reflect the current operational standing of all resources for all offices
  • Maintain plans, designs, policies, and procedures as documents that are readily available for consumptions and knowledge sharing within the organisation of all systems and modifications
  • Maintain a proficient working knowledge of current infrastructure and future trends
  • Maintain a proficient working relationship with AWS and stay abreast of any of their publications to ensure that services received and acquired meet the expected requirements of contract
  • Ensure that all systems are part of a backup plan for contingency and within an availability group that secures assets and services
  • Ensure that servers are patched and alert the business of any planned AWS maintenance that cause an interruption to the underlying infrastructure on which virtual servers providing critical services to the company run
  • Ensure the high availability of cloud infrastructure
  • Ensure the security of assets are managed and is secure for all systems and that no server is publically visible that should not be
  • Support the mail services hosted on the International infrastructure
  • Respond to any infrastructure related tickets logged on MageEngine Service desk pertaining to cloud resources and assist secondline support in troubleshooting and resolution work pertaining to network, infrastructure, or telecommunications
  • On premise infrastructure
  • Maintain and monitor all local infrastructure and apply all infrastructure related requirements specified for cloud to on premise to ensure the same level of service delivery
  • Ensure that the firewall and switch gear are monitored and operate within the capacity requirements of the company and within the specifications of the manufacturer and provide alternatives and recommendations where capacity is being exhausted
  • Actively identify capacity issues and document any capacity requirements and collate this into an annual capacity plan for all infrastructure requirements of the wider group.
  • Actively coordinate and interact with vendors, suppliers, distributors, and contract consultants in support and in coordination with the Operations Manager so as to ensure a reliable and cost effective vendor base
  • Ensure that servers for development and office activities, e.g. SharePoint, Active Directory, and Team Foundation Server are maintained, are backed up and are documented.
  • Resolve any deficiencies and problems with this infrastructure for action
  • Maintain and monitor office telecommunication (Starleaf and Flatphones) and resolve any problems where noticed
  • Respond to any infrastructure related tickets logged on MageEngine Service desk pertaining to local infrastructure and resolve them
  • Ensure operational assistance to the desktop support engineer for things pertaining to:
  • Network, e.g. switch gear, firewall, cabling, and general capacity planning
  • Telecommunication rollout and capacity planning


  • Proficient technical experience in infrastructure and networks, hardware, software, telecommunications, and particularly cloud services and provisioning in Amazon Web Services
  • Excellent database knowledge on technologies such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, RedShift, Cassandra, etc
  • Excellent server technology knowledge for Microsoft and Linux operating systems
  • Excellent experience on virtual systems in hosted environments, e.g. AWS mandatory
  • Excellent experience with security architectures and securing servers, database servers, and/ or networks
  • Excellent experience with incident systems and incident management, workstation and desktop management, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange server, AWS AMIs and storage systems
  • Ability to identify incident trends in order to elevate incidents in accordance with standard protocols
  • Ability to gather relevant information to use in systematic troubleshooting to resolve issues
  • Ability to work within a team and provide guidance to junior resources
  • Solid analytical, problem solving and decision skills
  • Excellent attention to detail, testing of systems and system documentation
  • Knowledge of service methodologies like ITIL and relevant best practices
  • Strong virtualisation skills, e.g. experience with VMWare or HyperV, AWS, etc.
  • Ability to maintain a good working relationship with third party vendors and service providers
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to render arguments with sufficient ability to convey meaning and to communicate technical content succinctly
  • Any formal and relevant qualification desirable, e.g. vendor certification, tertiary diploma, or University degree. Years of experience in lieu for experience of more than ten years relevant experience.

Please email your cv to Email Address if you tick all the boxes.

Desired Skills

  • senior infrastructure engineer
  • amazon web services
  • ms sql
  • mysql
  • redshift
  • linux

About The Employer

We are currently searching far and wide for a rock star Senior Infrastructure Engineer to join the team of a fast growing IT company in Century City, Cape Town. The company is a software development house revolutionising the mobile payment industry. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure is managed well. This to ensure that environments are available, operational, and of a good and solid architecture for layout and security as prescribed by vendor and industry standard recommended practice. Working hours are considered between normal business hours with a standby roster for out of normal hours. Any standby or exceptional working hours are balanced with those of contracted resources in other world regions, e.g. in Australia, to ensure that the infrastructure receives a 24 hour attention over seven days.

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