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Praesignis is an Information Management and Business Analytics consulting company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide you, our customers with sustainable and flexible end-to-end performance management solutions, which will enable you to increase performance and profitability throughout your organisation; Extracting real value from data, using innovative techniques and solutions, in an affordable and sustainable manner. The company has its founding principles and core values in the Latin word {Praesignis}, which means excellence.

praesignis:- {adjective} pre-eminent, outstanding prae:- {noun} at the head, in advance, before,forward, openly, in front of signis:- {noun} standard

Extracting real value from data, using innovative techniques and solutionsWe offer a full range of consulting, recruitment and training services to support companies in their data warehouse environments, as well as services to ensure realisation of ongoing business. We help our customers to uncover and manage the valuable pieces of information, so that the people at every level in the organisation can make decisions based on proven facts, rather than just gutfeel and emotion. We do this by using our extensive experience in the Business and Data fields, supported by leading software, methodologies and tools. We help you to manage, protect and integrate your data to best support your business. We now have the capability to expand in multiple directions, where the leaders are specialists in their own fields. In our drive to become a global player, we carefully select our partners, like IBM, a global international technology company, Microsoft, and Tableau for data visualisation, and we have an agreement with Alvaras & Marsal, a global professional services company, to be their technology partner for Africa, to implement and support them in their solutions.


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